Zero Energy Houses

Most people are familiar with the term Passive housing and the difference it has over traditional housing.
A 100m2 B1 Rated house has annual running costs of 150kWh/m2.annum, or £1,500/annum, its crazy to be building to this standard when energy prices are increasing by 10%/annum.
A 100m2 Passive House has annual running costs of 55kWh/m2.annum for heating, hot water and electricity, or £550/annum, these energy costs were still deemed too high by many of our clients.

A 100m2 Zero Energy house has annual running costs of 0kWh/m2.annum, its built to Passive House standards and is fitted with a 30m2 integrated Solar Roof.

Our robust construction costs are similar to traditional construction costs because we've developed cost effective super insulation and air-tightness methods combined with off-site construction technology, this reduces waste and down time and facilitates bulk purchases!

In social/affordable housing terms this is particularly attractive as many tenants are on a limited budget and may have to decide on whether to eat or heat.

Our design is known as Zero Energy housing, by installing a full Solar Roof on a Passive House energy costs are reduced to zero, this is two levels beyond the passive house standard. In addition our houses are often completed in 12 weeks as opposed to 6 - 12 months.

This Solar Passive House in Switzerland generates 40% more energy than it needs.

This housing type delivers on what is important 'the end users needs' and at a cost comparable to traditional build costs.

Solar Enhanced Passive House example projects;
Solar Enhanced Passive House in Mayo
Kilcloon Passive House
Solar House