Passive House

Passive Houses are highly insulated, comfortable, cold bridge free structures that require little heating, they usually have triple glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and high air-tightness levels. It doesn’t cost extra to build a Passive House using our construction methods, as money saved on a complex heating system pays for better windows or extra insulation. Combining Passive House principles with Solar heating reduces the heat demand of a Passive House by 90%.

  • The Passive Slab is quicker, simpler and no more expensive than traditional strip foundations, it totally eliminates cold bridging and delivers an excellent 0.105W/m2.K U-value.

  • Twin Wall Timber Frame with U-values as low as 0.11W/m2.K is quicker, simpler and no dearer than regular 0.20W/m2.K U-value timber frame and totally eliminates cold bridging through the stud.

  • The Breathing Window simplifies ventilation by removing intricate duct-work which requires annual cleaning, its simpler to install, cheaper to purchase and way more efficient to run than regular HRV.

  • A Solar Roof is sufficient to fully heat a Passive House, 5-6 days heat can be stored in the concrete slab, it can be cost effectively installed and delivers the lowest annual running costs of all heating methods.

Our simple, effective, well thought through, construction methods can give builders throughout the UK a competitive edge in the market place because it shows they’re interested in building more efficient houses. This website generates a lot of enquiries from Architects and Clients wanting to build energy efficient houses, so builders who align themselves with Viking House and use our efficient/effective construction methods win projects more easily. With over 100 super efficient construction projects to our name our experience is unrivalled within the Construction industry. We have a number of clients who have come through last winter with heating bills of less than £50.

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds from Hans-Jörn Eich on Vimeo.

We’re in regular contact with numerous Certified Passive House Designers throughout the country, so we can put clients looking for an Architect in direct contact with local Certified Passive House Designers. Half the running costs of a building can be saved at design stage with a Certified Passive House Designer.

passive house
"Spend £1 on insulation to save a Kilowatt or spend £10 on renewables to generate a Kilowatt"

We work closely with, and follow the principles of eminent Dutch Architect and Engineer, Professor Jon Kristinsson who was awarded the “Shell Queens Prize” for energy innovation in Holland and is known there as the “Godfather of Energy”. In 1979 Jon built the world’s first 183 Passive Houses in Rotterdam , ten years before the first German Passive houses.

We’ve worked previously with Morgan Sindall in the UK, the Quinn Group in the Northern Ireland and Airpacks Ltd as consultants and to upgrade their construction details to provide cold bridge free, condensation free details using standard trades and materials. I delivered a presentation at the 2011 UK Passive House Conference that was well received.

UK PassivHaus Conference Presentation
UK PassivHaus Conference

Viking-House News

Viking/MBC project news; Oxford Passive House progresses quickly. more details

Wiltshire Passive House nears completion. more details

Passive House Renovation

We just renovated this Dublin house to Passive House Standards in 2009 and added a new 90m2 super-insulated Passive House 3 storey Timber Frame extension with an 0.10 U-Value floor, an 0.08 U-Value roof and 0.11 U-Value walls. Before the renovation Olive (the client) described this house as “the coldest house in Ireland” and now its one of the warmest houses in Ireland and she hasn’t turned on the heating since she moved back in last Febuary. Read More

First Passive House

The walls are lined internally with Fermacell and the house is built on a Passive Slab our PassivHaus certified foundation system making it a Thermal Bridge free construction. The HRV Air will be pre-heated in the Conservatory by a few degrees in the Coldest Winter Days.Read More

Passive Slab

Passive Slab is Passive House certified to deliver the lowest U-value (as low as 0.08W/m.K) on the market and eliminates the critical wall-floor Cold Bridge. Read More

Passive Windows

The radiant interior surface temperatures play an important role in how humans perceive thermal comfort. Radiant temperature asymmetry is key i.e. surface temperatures must be close together. Read More

Timber Frame House

Our Timber frame Passive Houses usually arrive on site pre-finished with Cellulose Insulation in the walls and triple glazed Passive House windows fitted. The Timber frame walls can be pre-finished internally, so no wet trades are required on site.Read More

Solar House

The Glengariffe Passive Solar House has a South facing Conservatory that supplies 45% of the heating requirement for the house. It was monitored throughout the entire year of 2005, and data of more then 50 sensors was collected at five-minute intervals. The Active Solar House was used to study the effect of a sunspace (or conservatory) on the performance of the entire building.Read More